Compliance Standards View

The Compliance Standards view helps you get a big picture of your overall compliance in a particular standard without having to generate a report every time.

Parts of Compliance Standards View


Compliance control items are grouped by the section of the compliance standard that they belong to.

Section No.

The number (or identifier) of the section or control item as per the compliance standard's documentation.


Scoring displays whether or not a Warden rule checking for a misconfiguration has passed or failed a check on a resource.

Navigating Compliance Standards View

  1. Select a compliance standard in the Standards dropdown list.

  2. You should then get a list of all the compliance controls the rules map to and your compliance scoring for that control.

  3. Click on the compliance control you want to drill down into. You can then see the rules that can affect your compliance to that control.

  4. If you see any failed checks affecting a certain rule, click on Resolve to open the issue summary and follow the remediation steps.