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Document Portal

Results from our cyber security experts within reach.

Document Portal stores the results of various services like incident response and penetration tests.  You can see any relevant documents in the Overview page, as well as in the Document Portal page.

NOTE: Only Horangi consultants can upload to your organization via the Document Portal. You cannot use the Document Portal to upload your own documents.

File Browser

Document Portal contains a file browser to navigate through your documents. You can toggle between List View and Grid View, whichever is more convenient for you to use.


Upon clicking, the sidebar on the right side will activate, showing you different details about the file.

  • Type: The file type.
  • Location: The folder where the file is located.
  • Created: The timestamp when the file was created.
  • Modified: The timestamp when the file was modified.
  • Description: A short description about the file.


Document Portal stores a unique and complete copy of each version of each document in case you need to get back to it later. Use the History tab to browse through each version.

Downloading a Document

Once you successfully navigate to the document you want to download, click on the file.

To download the file, click on Download. You can also email the author if you have further questions about the file.

In case you need to download a previous version of the file, click on the History tab on the right sidebar and click on Download next to the version you want.