5. Cloud Tags Support

With the newly supported Cloud Tags in Warden, you can:

  • Identify resources already tagged in the native console easily in Warden
  • Search for resources with a particular tag
  • Filter your resource list to show only those with relevant tags


Warden currently supports tags/labels from the following cloud provider: AWS


5.1. Tags Display

There are three different ways cloud tags can be shown in Warden, associated with a resource:

Tags Display


[Key1:Value1]  [Key2:Value2] ...

The resource is tagged in native cloud provider, and

Warden supports this resource type tags

Not Tagged

The resource is not tagged in native cloud provider, and

Warden supports this resource type tags


Resource type is not able to support tags natively, or

Warden does not support this resource type tags yet



5.2. Search and Filter using Tags

To search and filter specific resources with a particular tag(s), you can make use of the Tags filter function located at the right hand side of the Posture Management (Resources, Rules, and Compliance) pages.

  1. Click on the TAGS filter box
  2. Search for the key:value pair that you are looking for, or just scroll down from the dropdown list
  3. Select one or more tags
  4. Results will be filtered to show only resources that have at least one of the selected tags


5.3. Where can I view and use cloud tags?

Without any additional setup, cloud tags are displayed on the following Warden pages, either on the resource level or the check level whenever applicable:

  • Posture Management
    • Resources
    • Rules
    • Compliance

Tags display on Resources page


Tags display on Rules page


Tags display on Check Details drawer after clicking on a specific Check