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  3. Setting Up Your Slack Notification Channel

Creating a New Slack Channel Destination

1. If you have not integrated Slack in your Storyfier organization, do so first.

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2. Go to Settings (gear icon) > Integrations > Slack > Channel Configuration. The Channel Configuration menu should slide out from the right.

Option A: Integrating an Existing Slack Channel

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3a. To integrate an existing Slack channel, select the Slack channel you want to configure as a Channel Destination on the dropdown list.


Note: Due to Slack API limitations, you might not be able to see all the Slack channels in your workspace.

If you can’t see the channel you want to configure on the list, you can still set it as a Channel Destination once you provide its Slack Channel ID.

To get the Slack Channel ID:

1. Go to your Slack workspace.

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2. Right click on the Slack Channel.
3. Click Copy Link.

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4. Paste the link somewhere accessible
5. Copy the last part of the URL and paste it on the dropdown menu found in the Channel Configuration settings.

4a. Click Save Changes.

Option B: Creating a New Slack Channel

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3b. To create a new Slack channel, select the Create New Slack Channel option.

4b. Type your desired Slack channel name.

Note: Names must be lowercase, without spaces or periods, and shorter than 22 characters. Read more.

5b. Click on the Private Channel switch if you want to create a private channel. Otherwise, the channel will be public.

6b. Click Save Changes.