Setting Up Your GCP Pub/Sub Integration

Before creating a GCP Pub/Sub integration, the Pub/Sub topic you intend to integrate with should already exist in your GCP account. You may reuse the service account created in your Warden setup, but please ensure that the Pub/Sub Publisher role has been granted to the service account.

Granting Pub/Sub Publisher Role

  1. Go to the main IAM page.

  2. To grant a role to a principal who already has other roles on the resource, find a row containing the principal, click Edit principal in that row, and click Add another role. To grant a role to a principal who does not already have other roles on the resource, click Grant Access, then enter the principal's email address or other identifier.

  3. Click Save. The principal is granted the role on the resource.

Creating a GCP Pub/Sub Outbound Integration

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations
  2. Click Configuration under GCP Pub/Sub. The GCP Pub/Sub Configuration menu should slide out from the right.

  3. Click Add a New Pub/Sub Topic Destination.

  4. Input the Project IDPub/Sub Topic ID, and Service Account Credentials (in JSON format).

  5. Click Save Changes.

Deleting a GCP Pub/Sub Outbound Integration

  1. Click on the red minus sign next to the Pub/Sub topic to delete an existing Pub/Sub integration. You can delete the Pub/Sub destination provided that it is not used by an existing Scan Group or Monitoring Group (set to Active).
  2. Click Remove on the confirmation dialog.