GitHub Integration not showing Projects or Repositories to export to

Trying to export your issues to GitHub?

Are you experiencing this when trying to export your finding to GitHub?

Export Finding to Github


Don't worry its not that the link to GitHub is broken, you might simply not be the owner of the repository. You must be an owner or an admin to your GitHub repositories.

Simply go to your GitHub account and create a new repository so that you can export the findings to GitHub.

Don't know how to set up your GitHub integration?


I am an owner but I only see my own personal repositories.


Often times, you will be invited to a organization's GitHub as we do not personally own those repositories. The following is an outline to see the repositories owned by your organization.

When our app requests access to your's GitHub via the connect GitHub button from our page, our app will be granted access to the your's account particularly all customer owned repositories. It does not follow that our app is granted access to the private repositories of organizations where the customer is a member of.

Since these Repositories are organization owned, the access to them is controlled by the organization. Depending on the settings, this could be restricted and that the owners of the organization must explicitly grant access to our application before we will have access on it.

After you connected your GitHub to Storyfier,

What you have to do is:

1. From my account, Settings > Applications > Authorized OAuth Apps
2. Select Horangi app
3. Under Organization Access, you either have an option to "grant" or "request".

Depending on your access levels. Clicking "Request" will send a request to the org owner to grant Horangi access to the Organization's Repositories

An owner needs to approve this.

As an owner,

1. Go to Org Settings > Third-party access
2. Beside Horangi app > Grant