Horangi Academy

Using Storyfier for the first time

There are two ways in which you can hop on to Storyfier:

1) By creating an organization yourself
2) Through an invitation from another organization

Creating an organisation

When you log on to Storyfier for the first time, you will be greeted with a prompt to key in your organization name.

Simply key in your organization name, click on Apply, and you will be taken to the platform.

Inviting your team to Storyfier

To invite another team member, go to Org Settings > People > Invite new member. Key in the team member’s email and role, then send the invite.

Accepting an invitation

Your team member will then receive an email from Storyfier that would invite them to your organization.

Your team member should then login and go to Settings > Organization > Awaiting invitations, then click on Accept.

Congratulations! You just invited your first team member.