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  2. Working with Storyfier

Getting Started with Storyfier

Learn how to onboard onto the Storyfier platform.

There are two ways you can hop on to Storyfier:

  1. Onboarding as a member of an existing organization
  2. Creating your own organization.

Onboarding as an Existing Member

If Storyfier detects your email address as being part of an organization that's already onboarded to the platform, it automatically asks you to send a request to join the organization.

Upon seeing the prompt, click on Request. This will automatically send an email to your organization's administrator group requesting that they give you access to the platform.

Once an administrator accepts your request, you are officially onboarded to Storyfier!

Accepting an Invitation

Another way you can be part of an existing organization as an existing member is if an administrator sends you an invite. All invite emails are sent from the following email address and with the following subject.

From: Horangi Cyber Security <hello@horangi.com>
To: <Your Email Address>

Subject: <Full Name of Admin> (<email address of admin>) invited you to join them in Horangi

Once you verified that the source and subject are correct, click on the Login button in the email.

Upon logging in for the first time, a prompt will display that you are invited to be part of the organization. Upon receiving the prompt, click on Accept, and you should be onboarded.

Creating an Organization

If your email is not linked to any other organization already onboarded in Storyfier, you will be greeted with a prompt to key in your organization name.

Key in your organization name, click on Apply, and Storyfier will redirect you to the platform.

Inviting Your Team to Storyfier

To invite another team member, go to Settings > Members > Invite New Member. Key in the team member’s email and role, then send the invite.

Your team member should then receive an email from Storyfier that would invite them to your organization.

Accepting a Join Request

If another member attempts to join your organization, you will be prompted with a dialog stating that someone is requesting to join the platform.

To accept the join request, select a role you want the member to be placed under from the Role drop-down menu, then click on Accept Request. Otherwise, click on No, I Decline.