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Managing your Scans

What is a Scan Group?

Scan groups allow you to customize the frequency of scan(s), categorize and group them to your preference.  

Advantages of Scan Groups

  • Ease of use
  • Visibility of your infrastructure
  • Increased workflow efficiency

Manually Trigger a Scan

At any given point, you can perform an ad-hoc scan.  In the Organizational Settings page, you will need to select a Scan Group.

If you were to hover over a specific scan, you will be presented with the “Scan” button next to the “Edit” button.  

Click on “Scan" to engage an ad-hoc scan.  You may also cancel the scan should you decide to change your mind.

Disabling a Scan

To disable a scan, click on the “Edit” button next to the scan you want to disable.  You will then be faced with the Update Target dialog box.

From the dialog box, click on the “Disable” button. Your scan will then be disabled unless you choose to enable it again.