Resources View

Resources View provides visibility into your compliance posture at the AWS resource level. Examples of resources include ELBv2, ELB, CloudFront, and EC2.

Through this Resources View, users can see all of the checks performed on a resource and whether they have passed or failed, one resource at a time.

Parts of Resources View

AWS Account

Resources are grouped by the AWS account that they belong to.


Scoring displays whether or not a Warden rule checking for a misconfiguration has passed or failed a check on a resource.

Navigating Resources View

  1. Click on the AWS account you would like to investigate. This expands your selection to display all resources in this account that Warden has performed checks on.

  2. Look for the Resource you’re after and click on it.

  3. Your selection will expand again and you’ll see a list of all the rules that were checked for this Resource and whether the checks passed or failed.

  4. If you see any failed checks affecting a certain resource, click on Resolve to open the issue summary and follow the remediation steps.