Adding and enabling Code Scanner

Code Scanner is a static analysis tool which scans your code for known vulnerabilities. Learn how to add and enable it in your Horangi account, in six simple steps!

1) Log into your Horangi Account

2) Scroll down till you see the box on the right-hand side of your screen, titled CODE SCANNER

code scanner 1-1

3) Click ADD

4) You will be prompted to connect your Github account, click CONNECT TO GITHUB.

Remember! Only ONE Github Account can be synced to ONE Organization! Ensure the Repositories you want to scan are in this Account!

image (8)

5) You will then be prompted to select which repository to add as a target for scanning. Click the drop-down menu and select the repository you want to scan. Name this as a target in your Horangi account.

Currently, we support weekly and monthly scans! Select your scan frequency. Once that is done, click ADD REPOSITORY.

code scanner 2

6) You will now see that your GitHub Repository Target has been successfully added! You should also see that it has been added to the Code Scanner List.

code scanner 4

code scanner 37) Congrats! The scanning has begun and it would take approximately 24 hours for the results to appear. You know what they say - good things are worth the wait.