Setting Up Your Slack Notifications

How to add Slack notifications to your organization.

To add Slack integration to your organization, you would first need to log in to Slack and have permission to add new apps to your workspace. 

If you do not have the right permissions, you will get the message below. If this is the case, reach out to an organization member with app installation access and have them install the integration on your behalf.

Horangi Storyfier is restricted for this workspace. Please reach out to one of your App Managers if you’d like additional information or to ask them to install this app.

Once confirming that you have access, you will then be asked to authorize the installation. To do this, click Install.

Configuring Slack Channels

After installing the integration, you would be asked to either create a new channel, or integrate with an existing channel.

If you choose to create a new channel, key in the name of the channel you want. You can also make it into a private channel if you so desire.

If you choose to use an existing Slack channel, select the channel you want from the drop-down list.

Once you are done with either option, click on Submit.


In order for Storyfier to deeply integrate with your Slack workspace, we would need access to some of your data to ensure that the integration works properly.

Here, we explain what permissions are needed and why we need them.

Confirm your identity.

We need these permissions so that you can authenticate into Slack through Storyfier.

Access and modify information about your channels and direct messages

Access to your public and private channels is needed so we can add a new Slack channel where the integration can send notification messages about what’s happening in your Storyfier account.

We also need the list of channels so that in case you choose to integrate Storyfier within an existing Slack channel (whether public or private), we can do the integration in that existing channel.

Add slash commands and add actions to messages (and view related content).

Horangi needs this information so Storyfier Slack bot can be set up on your workspace.

View email addresses of people on your workspace.

The Slack integration need access to email addresses so the Horangi bot can tag Slack users in the notifications.

Access your profile and your workspace's profile fields.

This is to verify that you’re part of the Slack workspace and that you are authorized to add app integrations to it.

Send messages as Horangi Storyfier.

This allows Storyfier to send notification messages to the channel you integrated with.

View your workspace's list of members and their contact information.

The workplace’s member lists helps up verify that the Storyfier bot is part of the workspace. We also need these for tagging users.

What We Can’t Do

We only ask for the minimum amount of data needed for the integration to function. As such, here are things that the Slack integration would not have access to.

Read your conversation history.

We would never ask for access to your conversations.

Administer your workspace.

We would also never ask access to your workspace settings.

If the integration is successful, you will be redirected back to your Storyfier Detect page.