Storyfier Version 2.0 - Release Notes 1.5

We are very pleased to announce that the Horangi Code Scanner is now LIVE! In addition to Github integration, we now also support GitLab and Bitbucket! There is the option of either Weekly or Monthly Scans for Code Scanners. If you are interested in Daily Scans, drop us a message in the live chat and we will unlock the feature for you.

New features

- Code Scanner: GitLab & BitBucket Integration

Horangi has acceded to the many requests for Gitlab and BitBucket support within the Code Scanner! As always, Horangi promises to support developers to focus on their work, no matter what environment engineers rely on.

- Code Scanner: Daily Scans Available, speak to Live Chat to Activate

So far, we have been offering weekly and monthly scans for the Network and Application Scanner. For the newly launched Code Scanner however, we see value in an added option for Daily Scans, as source codes are constantly being updated. With this, you will get information on the specific lines in your project which are causing you trouble. Also, descriptions of each issue and suggestion for remediation are included!

- Document Portal: Get Your Reports in

Document Portal is designed to store and track the reports related to other security services Horangi provides, such as incident response or penetration testing. If there are updates on the security policies or published reports, these documents will be delivered and shared via Document Portal.

Also, File Version History Tab has been added to allow users to download the previous version of files.

- Organization Settings

The Target section has been enhanced with a new design. Users can choose the target types and manage each scanner, seamlessly.

As an enterprise grows, we understand the need for managing different levels of users. To help our customers handle this, we have implemented a few more features which gives more visibility on how to invite and manage invitees.

Other minor bugs which were detected in the Firefox environment and UI/UX have also been fixed!

We hope you enjoy our latest Storyfier!