Storyfier Version 2.0 - Release Notes 1.6

Our Tigers are constantly updating and fixing bugs so that we can create the best experience for you. Check out our latest updates!

The two main updates are;

  1. Revoking OAuth Token on Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket
  2. Added the view of team owned repository

Initially when users disabled the Github integration and visited the Detect page, it showed a broken page. This bug has now been fixed. Also, we’ve added new features related to Bitbucket so that it is a more seamless experience for our users. If you have read and write access, you should have visibility on not just user owned repositories but team owned repositories as well.

Presenting… Scan Ignore!

It is a tool that allows you to exclude several files or directories from being scanned by the service automatically!

In the past, you may have faced the issue of receiving scans of multiple files, including third party codes. This issue has now been fixed! Receive scan results that are most important and relevant to you. Straightforward, no BS. Click here to learn more.