Rules View

Warden's Rules view for compliance gives you an overview of your compliance risk posture for each rule that Warden has checked for and allows you to zoom in to identify which resources have passed or failed a rule.

Parts of Warden Rules View

Rule Title

The title of the Warden rule.


A ranking of the severity based on the potential impact of a misconfiguration on an organization. Click on Anatomy of a Finding to know more about our scoring system.


Scoring displays whether or not a Warden rule checking for a misconfiguration has passed or failed a check on a resource.


The compliance standards relevant to this Warden rule. You can filter the findings such that you only see ones covering a standard you are after.

Navigating Warden Rules View

  1. Click on the Warden rule you want to investigate.

  2. Click on the AWS accounts inside to see all the resources this rule checks.

  3. You should then see all the resources that rule covers and whether or not they pass or fail the compliance checks.

  4. If you see any failed checks affecting a certain resource, click on Resolve to open the issue summary and follow the remediation steps.